9 June – Projects session online

    09.30 – 9.45


    George Paunescu, Policy Officer, European Commission

    9.45 - 10.30

    Session 1: Electrification

    Moderation: Lorant Dekany, Research, Development, Innovation and Communication Specialist, ENTSO-E

  • ESI

    Elisa Virone, Head of Energy System Innovation, Terna SpA


    Samuel Borroy Vicente, Director of Electrical Systems Area, CIRCE


    Nikos Bilidis, R&D Project Manager, European Dynamics


    Benjamin Bowler, Senior Research Associate, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

    10.30 - 11.15

    Session 2: Digitalisation

    Moderation: Selene Liverani, Senior Technology and Projects Advisor, E.DSO

  • InterConnect

    David Rua, Assistant Centre Coordinator, INESC TEC

  • MAM

    William Van den Broeck, Innovation Consultant, Elia

  • Platone

    Ferdinando Bosco, Researcher & Solution Architect, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A

  • Smart5Grid

    Daniele Porcu, Project coordinator, ENEL-Grids

    11.15 - 12.00

    Session 3: Cooperation

    Moderation: Valerie Reif, Research Associate, Florence School of Regulation

  • EUniversal

    Carlos Pedro Marques, European projects, E-REDES

  • Int:net

    Alberto Dognini, Scientific Researcher, Fraunhofer FIT; Research Assistant, RWTH Aachen University

  • NORFlex

    Farhan Farrukh, Business Development Manager, NODES

  • OneNet

    Helena Gerard, Activity Leader, VITO

    12.05 - 12.15

    Closing Remarks

    George Paunescu, Policy Officer, European Commission

The programme of the conference is still in progress 14 June - Policy Conference

    08:30 - 09:00

    Welcome coffee

    Project area discovery

    09.00 - 09.35

    Opening Session

  • Welcome speeches

    Sonya Twohig, Secretary-General, ENTSO-E

    Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary General, E.DSO

  • Opening Keynote Speech

    Kadri Simson, Commissioner for Energy, European Commission, prerecorded video message

  • Keynote Speech

    Christian Buchel, Chairman, E.DSO, Director of Customers and Territories, Enedis

  • Keynote Speech

    Hervé Laffaye, President, ENTSO-E, Senior Executive Vice-President, RTE

    09.35 – 10.50

    Session 1: Electrification: end use and RES integration perspective

  • Keynote speech

    Catharina Sikow-Magny, DG ENER Director responsible for Green Transition and Energy System Integration, European Commission

  • ENTSO-E/E.DSO View on electrification

    Hakon Borgen, Chair of the Research, Development & Innovation Committee, ENTSO-E, Executive Vice President Technology & Development, Statnett SF

    Tassos Manos, Member of the Board, E.DSO; CEO, HEDNO

  • Panel session: “Electrification of end uses as vehicle for RES based energy system”

    Stephan Neugebauer, Director Global Research Cooperation, BMW Group, Chairman, ERTRAC

    Hans Korteweg, Managing Director, COGEN

    Pierre Tardieu, Chief Policy Officer, WindEurope

    Sofia Barbosa, SolarPower Buildings & Prosumers Chair, SolarPower Europe; Head of Regulatory Affairs, GreenVolt

    Gerald Kaendler, Chair of the System Development Committee, ENTSO-E, Director Asset Management, Amprion GmbH

  • Moderation

    Norela Constantinescu, Head of Innovation, ENTSO-E

    10.50 - 11.05


    11.05 - 11.15

    Concluding remarks

    Mónica Puente, Board Member, E.DSO; CEO, UFD Distribución Electricidad S.A.

11.15 - 11.35
Coffee Break
    11.35 - 12.25

    Session 2: Digitalisation: a game changer or an enabler?

  • Keynote speech

    Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO, Gaia-X

  • Panel session: "Digitalisation of the Energy Sector"

    Mark Van Stiphout, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Energy, European Commission

    Jeremy Rollison, Senior Director European Government Affairs, Microsoft

    Natalie Samovich, Co-Founder ResilientGroup Enercoutim; SB, chair WG Energy AIOTI

    Uroš Salobir, Vice-Chair of the Research, Development and Innovation Committee, ENTSO-E, Director of the Strategic Innovation Department, ELES, d.o.o.

  • Moderation

    David Peters, Vice-Chair, E.DSO; Member of the Board, Stedin

    12.25 - 12.40


    12.40 - 12.55

    Concluding remarks

    José Ferrari Careto, Chair of Technology and Knowledge Sharing Committee, E.DSO; CEO, e-REDES

12.55 - 14.15
Lunch Break
    14.15 - 14.30

    Ana Aguado Award

    Announcement of the two Scholarship winners by all Partners.

    14.30 - 15.20

    Session 3: Cooperation for bridging present with energy transition objectives

  • Keynote speech

    Paula Pinho, Director for Just Transition, Consumers, Energy Efficiency and Innovation, DG Energy

  • Panel session: "Innovation for faster technology developments and investments"

    Luis Cunha, Director of European Policies and Projects, e-redes Portugal; Vice-Chair, ETIP Snet

    Jaume Loffredo, Energy Team Leader, BEUC

    Layla Sawyer, Secretary General, CurrENT Europe

    Yann Fromont, Deputy-President, T&D Europe

  • Moderation

    Miguel de la Torre, Manager of the System Development Area, REE

    15.20 - 15.40


    15:40 - 16.00

    Closing remarks

    Liam Ryan, Vice-Chair, ENTSO-E, Chief Innovation and Planning Officer, Eirgrid

    David Peters, Vice-Chair, E.DSO; Member of the Board, Stedin

    16.00 - 18.00

    Cocktail reception

    Entrance hall Room M