4 June

    09.30 – 09.40

    Welcome address

    Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy

    09.40 - 10.30

    Session I - Innovation vs Regulation: How to strike the right balance? Or How to make regulation rhyme with innovation?

    Alberto Pototschnig, Part-time Professor and Deputy Director, Florence School of Regulation

  • Regulation in power systems: hindering or stimulating innovation?

    Christian Buchel, Executive Board Member, Director for Customers, Markets and Territories, Enedis; Chair, E.DSO

    Hervé Laffaye, International Affairs Officer, RTE; President, ENTSO-E

  • Innovation supporting the transition, the European Commission's perspective

    Vincent Berrutto, Head of Unit, Innovation, Research, Digitalisation, Competitiveness, DG Energy, European Commission

  • From promise to practice: ENTSO-E’s RDI implementation report

    Hakon Borgen, Executive Vice President Technology and Development, Statnett; Chair of the Research, Development and Innovation Committee, ENTSO-E
    Sonja Berlijn, Convenor, Head of School, KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Research Development Innovation Planning Working Group, ENTSO-E

  • Technology and Innovation sharing among DSOs

    Joachim Schneider, Energy Networks Technology & Innovation, E.ON SE; Chair Technology and Knowledge Sharing Committee, E.DSO

  • Can regulation be the bedrock for innovation in Europe’s power system?

    Christian Zinglersen, Director, ACER

  • Finding inspiration – How other continents support innovation

    Dolf Gielen, Director Innovation and Technology, IRENA

    10.30 - 10.50


10.50 - 11.00
    11.00 - 11.30

    Session II – Power system flexibility: who, what, when

    Sonya Twohig, Secretary General, ENTSO-E

  • The who: An overview on flexibility in Europe

    Okko Ziegler, Head of Market Studies, Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks; Chair, ETIP SNET

  • The what: What is power system flexibility and how T&D cooperation unleash it?

    Robert Paprocki, Deputy Director, European integration, PSE; Board Member, ENTSO-E
    Paddy Hayes, Managing Director, ESB Networks; Co-Chair, Distribution & Transmission Cooperation Platform; Board Member, E.DSO

  • The when: A view from service providers; are we moving fast enough?

    Michael Villa, Executive Director, SmartEN

    11.30 - 11.50

    Panel and Q&A

    12.00 - 12.30

    Session III – Moving up a gear in system integration

    David Peters, CTO, Stedin; Board Member, E.DSO

  • Opening statement

    Lucie Beaumel, Head of Office, European Green Vehicles Initiative Association (EGVIA)

  • E-mobility also a game changer for transmission

    Antonio Iliceto, Strategies & Despatching, Terna Rete Italia ; WG Convenor within Innovation Committe, ENTSO-E

  • Beyond e-mobility: DSOs and system integration

    Francesco Gerli, CEO, Unareti, A2A Group

  • Challenges of depot electrification and public charging for heavy-duty trucks

    Christian Will, Projects Manager, Charging Infrastructure, Daimler Truck AG

    12.30 - 12.50

    Panel discussion

    12.50 - 13.00


    Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary General, E.DSO


Virtual Session - 11 June

    09.30 - 10.00

    Beyond sandboxes: projects boosting the transition

    Uros Salobir, Director of the Strategic Innovation Department, ELES; Vice-Chair, Research, Development and Innovation Committee, ENTSO-E
    Richard Vidlička, Manager of Innovation and EU Projects, ČEZ Distribuce; Chair, Innovation & Research Committee, E.DSO
    Cristobal Irazoqui, Policy Officer, Innovation, Research, Digitalisation, Competitiveness, DG Energy, European Commission

    10.00 – 11.20

    Projects Session 1 - Innovating in asset management

    Physical assets will remain the cornerstones of the green energy transition. Besides improving the forecasts for power generation, optimizing the capacities of the grid elements is key to accelerate the integration of renewable sources. Innovative approaches to the assets on both DSO and TSO level will be at the centre of this session.

    Alix Von Haken, Engineer for Intelligent Electrical Networks, Department for Technology and Innovation, Netze BW
    Norela Costantinescu, Head of Section Innovation, ENTSO-E

    • Flexitranstore – Mark Norton, Vice President, European Business Development, Smart Wires
    • Farcross – Coordinator: Anastasis Tzoumpas, Head of Unit, Electrical Power and Energy Systems, Ubitech Energy
    • Platone – Greek Demo Leader: Stavroula Tzioka, Electrical and Computer Engineer, Network Users Division, HEDNO
    • InterConnect - Coordinator: David Rua, Area Manager, INESC TECH
11.20 - 11.30
    11.30 - 12.50

    Projects Session 2 – Innovation in markets

    The concept of a more flexible system management is getting closer to reality and is a necessity to ensure a secure & affordable transition. In this session we will focus on projects working towards enabling flexibility resources to reach the market by ensuring interoperability and seamless coordination among the different players of the value chain.

    Kirsten Glennung, Sustainability and Projects Director, E.DSO
    Claire Camus, Communication Manager, ENTSO-E

    • Interrface – Coordinator: George Boultadakis, Senior Research Consultant, European Dynamics
    • Onenet – Coordinator: Antonello Monti, Professor and Institute Director, RWTH Aachen
    • CoordiNet – Coordinator: Marco Baron, Head of Subsidized Programs Unit, Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks
    • EUniversal – Coordinator: Carlos Pedro Marques, European Policies and Projects, E-Redes
    12.50 - 13.00


    Uros Salobir, Director of the Strategic Innovation Department, ELES; Vice-Chair, Research, Development and Innovation Committee, ENTSO-E